Warm In The Cold

Cheer mingled with cheer, the three of us trudge through the powdery snow.  The air black yet warmed by the lights of the cozy mountain inn just ahead.  We day dream and converse and all but skip and click our heals on our merry journey to the store.

We joyfully speak of girls past, present and future.  Our loins scream and ache with stories of what has, and what is to come.  The large dry flakes of snow invigorate us and we dream of the next day, when light again we can sleigh down the mountain side, sharp edges of our finely tuned chariots ripping graceful gashes in the delicate snow.

But for now its time for cheer and merry talk and walk that leads us on our way.  Knowing we are alive because we can see our breath, our youthfulness impales a warm glowing fire into the otherwise sharp chilled air.

Rounding the rising turn, our tiny mountain side town twinkles before us.  Far above the sea in this small side step is nestled a group of strong, some silent, some boisterous mountain people—brought together by some commonality or another to form this tight nit community.

Now no more than a few mere steps away from our destination, we swiftly stroll into the place of exchange.

After exchanging money for goods, we gather out side again to place in our backpacks our prizes to carry home.

We pause in our steps under the stars, and the lightly falling snow, and the street light to share between us one of our individually wrapped cans of mountain nectar.  There may be no sweeter thing than breathing in the spicy aroma of ponderosa pines as you open your mouth to let the fresh bitterness of a Pabst Blue Ribbon wash over your taste buds and down your throat.

Now returning as conquerors, back from the way we have came we come.  Back to our shelter from the storms, our refuge from the night.

On the way home we speak of the girls who await our triumphant return.  The girls who with whispers, and secrets and smiles encompass everything we desire.

We speak of futures with no end in sight, and laugh of tomorrow the same as we laugh of yesterday.