Travel On Roads


Some roads we only travel. Some roads we follow and we see where we are going.  We drive them and we know.  The grass at the side of the road is green, the trees making shadows are tall. In theSalinasvalley you can almost taste the richness of the soil in the air.  Smell, the ocean meet the shore and the pines, on HWY 101 along theOregoncoast.  The pressure builds in your ears as you climb, up, over and through theRocky Mountains.  You can stand on the continental divide and ether piss in the Pacific Ocean or theMississippi River.   See the brilliant green grasses of theDakotas’ in the spring time, and the browns and yellows of the late summer.  On a warm night sounds surround you in the forested swamps ofFlorida.  The gravel feels different under your bare feet almost everywhere.  Some are fortunate enough to see where they go.  Some roads are only traveled.