The music I woke up to

And I’m left with longing
And hope
And a sense that the world is imperfect
Because there must be something deeply ironic about the whole thing
And if it doesn’t get better
At least it will get over
In the dream I was conducting this kind of symphony of life
Everything flowed
Because it generally had to
That’s the thing
In that state when you know you’re in a dream
You make
Yet the dream still has a way of making you
If you do nothing
It will still do
But you can’t always do something
You can’t always do something
You can’t always do something
My enemy was in the dream
I confronted him
Well he was at my home and he was wearing my shoes so I guess he confronted me
I thought I might fight him
But instead he showed me something
I thought it a great sign of compassion
Something I could learn from
He showed me imperfection
No one else around me saw it
They had there own lives
Their own dreams
They didn’t even know I was conducting
Because they were conducting too