Tent Cities

It takes a few minutes to deconstruct
Forget where you’re from
And just live where you are
The wind is blowing the feeling around
Mood music on the air
Everybody’s got their own thing
But it’s commin together
Now it’s time to grow
I’m feelin like
I’ve started the trip
Lots of long hair
People with a piece of pie
In their eye
A good old fashion gathering
About to begin
It’s like a tribe
Come together
For a common cause
“Peanut butters
And chocolates
4 apiece
3 for 10”
“My aunt made umm
And I watched”
“Here’s your change”
The air is wet
With campfire smoke
The drums
In the background
The moon
In full
Washing over the water
A blanket
Of wave and white
It turns from
You can put your house
On the edge
Of town
If it’s the right kind of party
You’re gonna get citied in