Somewhere In A Dream

I pulled a small handful of change
From my pocket
A penny said; 1968
It brought back memories
Memories of hippies
War protests
Free love
I pictured in my mind—dancing people
With colorful clothes
Head bands
Those are my memories of that year
I was nine years from birth that year
Memories are funny like that
They’re like a collection
Movies, thoughts, things remembered and made up
All that sort of thing
So I played a little game
A quarter; 1978
My father
Laying on his back
Cut off jean shorts
Holding me
Arms length
Under the pits of my chubby arms
He’s bearded
Wonder in his eyes
Wonder in mine
A penny; 1984
Red pants
Kangaroo tennis shoes with a zipper pocket in the side
But I didn’t know how to play tennis
And I could actually use them for sneaking
So I called them sneakers
I guess I was starting to get clever
Mom was gone
A whole family of girls moved in
Dad’s new girlfriend
Her three daughters
Lots of things were changing
I had my own room
My own toys
My own mom
1993; penny
Middle of high school
Just starting
To be
The smell of the locker room
I lost my virginity that year
1994; quarter
First real broken heart
Several beater cars
I beat the shit out of those cars
Fell in love again
Leaped from cliffs
Into water
Had to clear the bank
Slapped by small branches
On the way down
Didn’t really believe I could die then
1999; penny
Lived in a great house
Great friends
Going to school
Huge future
Snowed the first day of Oktoberfest
That was a legendary party
Broke a lot of hearts
2000; dime
No debt—except student loans, let them sit
Oregonpronounced Oregen
If you say it wrong, they know you’re new
Brew Pub #2
Wrote a lot
Long walks down snowy mountain roads
2006; nickel
Here I am
Gradated; BS
Graduated to a writer
Lots of memories
Debt to my ears
It’s hard sometimes to tell where you’re standing when you look straight down at your feet
1967; quarter
In the jungle
Young kid
Dirty faced
Is that from a dream
Am I making that up
Maybe I saw it in a movie once
Memories are funny like that