It’s Only What It Is

I sit on the edge of a wooden stage.
Spread in front of me is a field.
Campfires speckle the ground in patterns that resemble the stars above.
A tap on my shoulder and Brad who sits to my left passes me some thought.
As I inhale the drums that before beat behind me, now surround my environment.
I exhale and pass the thought to my right.
The fires scattered in the field seem distant at times, almost like the stars.
Around them are tents big, and small, maybe planets.
People and lives dance around the fires and tents in the galaxy of the field.
I watch.
I take in.
Not understanding all, but enjoying what I can.
At this point I realize I know nothing.
That everything thus far has been my interpretation of what this experience has been.
The corners of my mouth turn up in content, and I feel my eye brighten.