I Won’t Fall Into That Trap

Used yet undeveloped
35 mm film rolls
Pocket knives
I longed to carry
To pull from my pocket in just the right
And most opportune moment
Saying “here, let me get that, I have a pocket knife.”
A harmonica that
I would occasionally pull out
And hum a few bars
Batteries that I would never
Put in my walkman
An old walkman
With orange
Foam padded
Head phones
The wooden letter opener
That I made for Christmas
All of these things and more
—such as the belt—
Are the reasons I will never have a top dresser drawer
Like my father did
He had A box of condoms
Unlubricated and plain
They were in there for a long time
In high school
In the dresser drawer
Of a girl friends father
Aided by the girl friend (of course)
I found some pot
Actually, she had found the pot
And wanted to show me
With the girlfriends permission (not her fathers, of course)
I took some
It was the first pot I ever smoked
Another reason I will never have a top dresser drawer
If I do
Happen to have pot
When I am old
I do not want my children to take it
That would be a waste of good pot
They can get there own
And much easier than I, I’m sure
We also found a picture that day
Actually she had found it
And wanted to show me
Her father’s new bride
Brand new breasts
Stepping out of the hot tub
Sunken into the bedroom floor
Directly behind us
I was impressed
I think Heather was too
She has new ones of her own now
Which, is yet another reason
I will never have a top dresser drawer
I would not want my daughter
Being envious
Of her new young step mothers
New breasts
Or her boyfriend
High as a kite
Thinking of how perfect
His girlfriends
Young wife’s
Young breasts are
Every time he looks at her
So I will never have
A top dresser drawer
To be pawed through
Or envied
Or pillaged
I will hide my secret things in my bottom drawer