Another Day

This whole life thing is a precarious venture.  Either you are here or you’re not.  Sure, there are points where you can hang on a thread, balancing between here and there, either through mental or physical trauma, but for the most part you’re in or you are out.  There is no you before, and no you after—only foreshadowing, legend, and history surrounding the times of your presence, for what you will be, or had been.  This is, of course, stating the obvious, but it is an obvious that holds weight.

The part when you are alive is the melting pot.  This is important, because it is easy to forget.  It is easy to slide through the days, without thought of what a special thing this whole “being here” experience is.  If you are here then you are in the center of this whole cycle.  In the portion where you are allowed to make things happen.

It is precarious.  One moment you are here.  The next you could be gone.  Or at lest that is the way it seems.