Along For The Ride

Never do I hope to see
The longing for jealousy
I am who I am
This is me

If I stand in a bottomless pit
I will raise my hands
And I will claim it

If I build a house
A home
Of the finest wood
The finest stone

I will bow my head
And I will smile

If I have laughed
If I can smile
I know I have lived
If only for a while

So who are you
Do you live in the same world as I do
Where are your ups and downs
Do you stand with your feet on the ground

Where do you find yourself
Where do you hide
Do you ask yourself questions
Do you go along for the ride

Are you a friend of the gods
Do they persecute you
Do you raise your hands
And fall to your knees
Praising the mirror in front of you

All people are different
This I have seen
Are you someone similar to me